Can you fix a threaded hinge screw on glasses?

DIY Fix for a Threaded Hinge Screw on Glasses

Discovering a threaded hinge screw on your glasses can be frustrating, potentially compromising the fit and function of your eyewear. However, before you consider replacing your beloved frames, there are some DIY fixes you can attempt to salvage the situation. Let’s explore how you can address a threaded hinge screw on your glasses.


1. Understanding the Issue

  • Threaded Hinge Screws: A threaded screw occurs when the screw’s threads no longer catch on the frame’s threads due to wear, causing the screw to spin without tightening. This can lead to a loose fit or even the temple detaching.

2. Assess the Damage

  • Evaluate the Hinge: Carefully examine both the screw and the hinge to determine if the threading is worn on the screw, the frame, or both. This will guide your approach to the fix.

3. DIY Fixes

  • Temporary Solutions:
  • Clear Nail Polish: For a quick fix, apply a small drop of clear nail polish on the screw’s threads, then reinsert and tighten. The polish adds a temporary grip but isn’t a long-term solution for a threaded screw.
  • Thread Sealant: A more durable temporary fix is to use a thread sealant, available at hardware stores, which can help the screw to adhere better.
  • Replacing the Screw:
  • If the screw is the issue, replacing it with a new one that matches the size and thread can resolve the problem. Eyeglass repair kits often include a selection of screws for this purpose.

4. When to Seek Professional Help

  • Frame’s Thread Damage: If the frame’s threaded and damaged, professional repair might be necessary. Opticians have tools to rethread the hinge or may recommend a suitable adhesive.

5. Preventative Measures

  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check the tightness of your glasses’ screws to prevent them from becoming loose and wearing down the threads.


While a threaded hinge screw can be a nuisance, several DIY fixes can extend the life of your glasses. Temporary solutions like clear nail polish or thread sealant can offer a quick fix, while replacing the screw might be a more durable solution. However, for damage to the frame’s threads, professional repair is advisable to ensure your glasses are safely and securely restored.


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