How do I reattach spring hinge temples to my glasses?

Reattaching a Spring Hinge Temple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Spring hinge temples on glasses offer flexibility and durability, but they can sometimes come off, leaving wearers puzzled about how to reattach them. While it can seem daunting, reattaching a spring hinge temple is doable with patience and the right tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you fix your glasses at home.


1. Gather Your Tools

  • Required Items: You’ll need a small precision screwdriver that fits the screws on your glasses. If the screw is lost, you might need a replacement that matches the size and thread of the original.

2. Understanding the Spring Hinge Mechanism

  • How It Works: Spring hinges allow the temple to flex outward without breaking. When reattaching, it’s crucial to align the temple correctly to the hinge mechanism.

3. Aligning the Temple and Hinge

  • Proper Positioning: Carefully align the end of the temple with the hinge on the frame. Ensure that the temple is in the correct orientation.

4. Inserting the Screw

  • Securing the Temple: Once the spring hinge is aligned, insert the screw into the hole. Gently start turning the screw clockwise with the screwdriver. Avoid over-tightening, which can strip the screw or damage the hinge.

5. Checking the Tension

  • Flex Test: After the screw is in place, gently open and close the temple to test the spring tension. The temple should flex outward and return to its original position smoothly.

6. Fine-Tuning

  • Adjust if Necessary: If the temple feels too loose or too tight, carefully adjust the screw. A slight turn can make a significant difference in tension.

7. When to Seek Professional Help

  • Complex Hinges: If the spring hinge seems complex or if you’re struggling to realign the temple, it’s best to take your glasses to a professional. Opticians have the right tools and expertise to fix spring hinges without causing damage.


Reattaching a spring hinge temple can be a straightforward process if done carefully. However, the delicate nature of eyeglasses means there’s always a risk of causing further damage. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the process, seeking professional help is always the safest choice. Proper maintenance and handling can prevent the dislodging of spring hinges and extend the life of your glasses.


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