Can a spring hinge be repaired?

Repairing a Spring Hinge: Solutions for Your Eyewear

Spring hinges on glasses add comfort and durability, allowing the arms to flex outward. However, they can sometimes malfunction or break, leading to questions about repairability. Fortunately, fixing a spring hinge is often possible, either through DIY methods or professional help. Let’s explore the options for mending a spring hinge.


1. Assessing the Damage

  • Identify the Problem: Determine whether the issue is with the spring mechanism itself, a loose or lost screw, or a broken frame around the hinge. This will dictate the repair approach.

2. Tightening or Replacing Screws

  • Loose Screws: Often, a spring hinge issue can be as simple as a loose screw. Tightening it with a small screwdriver may restore function.
  • Replacing Lost Screws: If a screw has fallen out, replacing it with a matching one can fix the problem. Eyeglass repair kits often contain a selection of small screws for this purpose.

3. Realigning the Hinge

  • Bent Frames: If the frame around the hinge has bent, carefully realigning it with needle-nose pliers can sometimes solve the issue.

4. Spring Mechanism Repair

  • Complexity of Repair: Fixing the internal spring mechanism can be more complex. If the spring has slipped or become unhooked, it may be fixable with precision tools and a steady hand.

5. Professional Repair Services

  • Optician’s Help: For more complicated repairs, especially those involving the spring mechanism, seeking professional help is advisable. Opticians have the tools and expertise to fix or replace the spring hinge.

6. Considerations for Replacement

  • When Repair Isn’t Feasible: If the hinge is severely damaged, replacing the entire frame may be more cost-effective than attempting a complex repair.

7. Preventative Measures

  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check the tightness of the screws in your spring hinges and handle your glasses with care to prevent damage.


While spring hinge repairs can range from simple to complex, many issues are fixable with basic tools or professional help. Assessing the damage and understanding your repair options can extend the life of your eyeglasses, maintaining their comfort and functionality.


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