Why after tightening the glasses temples they’re still lose?

Addressing Loose Temples in Glasses: Beyond Tightening Screws

It’s a common scenario for eyeglass wearers: the temples of your glasses begin to feel loose, leading to a less secure fit and perhaps even challenges in keeping them properly positioned on your face. Instinctively, you might reach for a tiny screwdriver to tighten those seemingly guilty screws, only to find that the problem persists. Let’s explore why the temples of your glasses might remain loose even after tightening the screws and how you can effectively address this issue.


1. The Complexity of Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames are more complex than they might appear. The stability of the temples involves more than just the tightness of the screws. While loose screws can indeed be a cause of wobbly temples, they are not the sole factor. Other elements come into play, such as the condition of the hinge mechanism, the material of the frames, and how the glasses have been used or stored.

2. Worn Hinge Mechanisms

One common reason why temples remain loose despite tightened screws is wear and tear on the hinge mechanism itself. Over time, the metal components of the hinge can wear down, leading to a fit that feels perpetually loose. In such cases, merely tightening the screws won’t restore the original snug fit of the temples.

3. Frame Material and Deformation

The material of your eyeglass frames can also influence the stability of the temples. Plastic frames, in particular, can become warped from heat exposure or simply from the natural oils of your skin. Metal frames might bend from pressure or misuse. Such deformation can lead to loose temples, a problem that tightening screws cannot fix.

4. Effective Solutions

  • Professional Adjustment: Visiting an optician is often the best solution. Opticians have the tools and expertise to diagnose the exact cause of the looseness and can often perform adjustments that go beyond screw tightening, such as replacing worn hinge components or reshaping the frame for a better fit.
  • Replacement Parts: Sometimes, the screws themselves are worn or the threaded part of the temple or frame has been stripped. In these cases, replacing the screws or other components can be necessary.
  • Preventative Care: To prolong the life of your glasses, handle them gently, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, and store them in a protective case when not in use. Regular maintenance checks by a professional can also prevent issues from arising.


Loose temples on glasses can be frustrating, but the solution often requires a more nuanced approach than simply tightening screws. Understanding the underlying causes and seeking professional assistance can ensure your glasses provide the secure and comfortable fit you need.


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