How to prevent glasses sliding down the nose?

Stop the Slide: Ensuring Your Glasses Stay Put

It’s a frequent irritation for those who wear glasses: the constant need to push them back up as they slide down your nose. This not only gets bothersome but the relentless readjustment can be quite a distraction. Let’s look at some effective methods to keep your glasses securely on your nose.


1. Getting the Right Fit

  • Optician’s Adjustment: A crucial first move is to have an optician professionally adjust your glasses. Well-fitting glasses shouldn’t slide down. Opticians can fine-tune the nose pads and arms for a snugger fit.
  • Routine Fittings: Faces change subtly over time, impacting how glasses fit. Regular fittings can help keep the fit perfect.

2. Using Anti-Slide Products

  • Nose Pads: If your glasses lack nose pads, consider having them fitted. If they’re already equipped, ensure they’re not worn out or dirty. Silicone pads typically offer better grip than plastic.
  • Rubber Temple Tips: Adding these can increase friction at the temples, helping to prevent sliding.

3. Home Solutions

  • Glasses Wax or Balm: Specific waxes or balms for glasses can be applied at the bridge or temples for increased grip.
  • Rubber Bands: A quick fix involves wrapping a small section of a rubber band around the temples for added grip.

4. Maintaining Cleanliness

  • Regular Cleaning: Glasses accumulate oils and grime, making them more prone to sliding. Clean your glasses daily with a suitable lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth.
  • Nose Pad Care: Regularly clean the nose pads to prevent them from becoming slick.

5. Consider the Frame Material

  • Frame Choice: Plastic frames often slide more than metal ones, particularly if they lack nose pads. Your choice of frame material should consider this factor.

6. Lifestyle Adjustments

  • Active Lifestyles: For those who are physically active or live in warmer climates where sweating is more frequent, sports frames designed to stay in place can be a good option.


Sliding glasses can be a nuisance, but with correct fitting, suitable accessories, and proper care, you can keep them firmly in place. A bit of maintenance and the right choice of eyewear can significantly enhance your comfort and the functionality of your glasses.


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