Will my lenses crack if I drop my frame?

The Risk of Lens Cracking: Understanding Durability When Dropping Glasses

Dropping your glasses can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re concerned about the lenses cracking. The durability of eyeglass lenses varies based on their material and design. Let’s explore the factors that influence whether your lenses might crack upon dropping your frames.


1. Lens Material Matters

  • Plastic Lenses: Most modern eyeglasses have lenses made from plastic materials like polycarbonate or high-index plastics. These materials are more impact-resistant than glass and less likely to crack when dropped.
  • Glass Lenses: While less common, glass lenses are more prone to cracking upon impact. They offer excellent optical clarity but lack the resilience of plastic lenses.

2. Frame Design and Protection

  • Full-Rimmed Frames: Full-rimmed glasses can offer more protection to lenses during falls. The frame may absorb some of the impact, reducing the risk of the lenses cracking.
  • Rimless or Semi-Rimless Frames: These styles offer less protection to the lenses on impact, potentially increasing the risk of damage.

3. The Nature of the Impact

  • Surface and Height: The likelihood of lenses cracking depends on the surface they fall onto (hard concrete vs. a carpeted floor) and the height of the drop.

4. Lens Coatings and Treatments

  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings: While scratch-resistant coatings help protect lenses from everyday wear and tear, they don’t necessarily prevent cracking from drops.

5. Preventative Measures

  • Careful Handling: Always handle your glasses with care. Use a sturdy, protective case when not wearing them to minimize the risk of accidental drops.
  • Consider Material During Purchase: If you’re concerned about durability, consider opting for polycarbonate lenses, which are known for their high impact resistance.


While there’s always a risk of lenses cracking when you drop your glasses, factors like lens material, frame design, and the nature of the fall play a significant role in this risk. Plastic lenses, particularly polycarbonate, generally offer more resilience against impact compared to glass lenses. Regardless, treating your glasses with care and choosing materials suited to your lifestyle can help mitigate the risk of damage.


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