What is a booster lens?

Booster Lenses Explained: Spotlight on Essilor Eyezen Lenses

In the realm of eyewear, booster lenses are an innovative addition, designed to enhance visual comfort in specific scenarios. A prime example is the Essilor Eyezen lens, which caters to the modern challenges our eyes face in a digital-centric world. Let’s explore what booster lenses are, focusing particularly on Essilor’s Eyezen lenses.


1. The Concept of Booster Lenses

Booster lenses are specialized eyewear additions, crafted to augment the performance of standard prescription lenses. They’re tailored to specific visual needs, providing an extra “boost” to your vision, especially under demanding visual tasks.

2. Essilor Eyezen Lenses: A Modern Solution

Essilor Eyezen lenses are a type of booster lens designed for the digital age. They help alleviate eye strain caused by extended screen time on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

3. How Do Eyezen Lenses Work?

  • Filtering Blue Light: These lenses are equipped to filter out a portion of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens, reducing potential damage to the eyes.
  • Enhanced Focus: Eyezen lenses have a slight magnification at the bottom, making it easier to read smaller text on screens without straining the eyes.

4. Who Can Benefit from Eyezen Booster Lenses?

  • Digital Device Users: Whether you need prescription glasses or not, if you spend significant time on digital devices, Eyezen lenses can be beneficial.
  • Preventing Digital Eye Strain: They are ideal for those experiencing tired eyes, headaches, and blurred vision after screen use.

5. The Advantages of Booster Lenses

  • Reduced Eye Fatigue: By minimizing blue light exposure and easing the effort of focusing on small text, these lenses help in reducing digital eye strain.
  • Versatility: Eyezen lenses are suitable for both prescription and non-prescription glasses wearers.

6. Getting the Right Fit

It’s crucial to consult with an eye care professional before opting for Eyezen lenses. They can assess your visual habits and determine whether these lenses are suitable for you.


In our increasingly digital lifestyle, the eyes need support more than ever. Booster lenses like Essilor’s Eyezen offer a tailored solution, mitigating the challenges posed by prolonged digital device usage. By enhancing visual comfort and protecting against blue light, Eyezen lenses are a testament to how modern eyewear can adapt to our changing world.


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