What happens if you wear glasses with the wrong PD?

Wearing glasses with the wrong PD (pupillary distance) can have several effects on your vision and overall comfort. The pupillary distance is the measurement between the centers of your pupils, which determines the optimal alignment of the lenses with your eyes. Here are some potential issues that may arise from wearing glasses with an incorrect PD:

wrong pd
  1. Blurred or Distorted Vision: If the wrong PD is too wide or narrow, the lenses may not align properly with your eyes, causing blurred or distorted vision. This can make it challenging to see clearly and can strain your eyes.
  2. Eye Strain and Discomfort: Wearing glasses with the wrong PD can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort. Your eyes may have to work harder to focus, leading to headaches and general eye discomfort.
  3. Poor Depth Perception: Proper alignment of the lenses with your eyes is crucial for accurate depth perception. The wrong PD can affect your ability to judge distances correctly, which can be problematic, especially when driving or participating in sports.
  4. Visual Distortions: The wrong PD can cause visual distortions, such as objects appearing larger or smaller than they actually are. This can be particularly noticeable in the peripheral vision.
  5. Ineffective Prescription: If your glasses have a prescription for nearsightedness or farsightedness, the wrong PD can impact the effectiveness of the prescription. The lenses may not be positioned optimally, leading to suboptimal vision correction.

To ensure the best visual experience and comfort, it is essential to have your glasses fitted with the correct PD. Opticians and eyewear professionals can measure your PD accurately during an eye exam or when you purchase new glasses. They will take into account your individual facial measurements and align the lenses accordingly.

If you suspect that your current glasses have the wrong PD, it is recommended to consult with an optician or eyewear professional. They can assess your glasses and make the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal vision and comfort.


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