What do the numbers mean on my frame?

The numbers on your eyeglass frame provide essential information for ensuring the proper fit and prescription accuracy. They are typically found on the temple arm or the bridge of the frame. These numbers represent various measurements related to the frame’s dimensions, ensuring that your glasses are comfortable and your vision is optimized.

  1. Eye Size: This number refers to the horizontal width of one lens in millimeters. It’s crucial for determining how well the lenses will cover your eyes.
  2. Bridge Width: The bridge width is the distance between the two lenses. It ensures that the frame sits comfortably on your nose without pinching or sliding down.
  3. Temple Length: This measurement indicates the length of the temple arms, from the hinge to the tip that rests behind your ears. It helps in ensuring that the glasses fit securely.
  4. Lens Height: The lens height specifies the vertical measurement of the lenses. It’s essential to ensure that your eyes are properly centered within the lenses for optimal vision.
  5. Frame Width: This number signifies the total width of the frame from one end to the other, including the widest part of the frame.
  6. DBL (Distance Between Lenses): This measurement indicates the distance between the centers of the two lenses and helps to ensure that the lenses are aligned with your pupils.
  7. Temple Style: Some frames include a two-digit code representing the temple style, which helps identify the type of temple design.

Understanding these numbers will help you choose frames that fit well and ensure the prescription lenses are positioned correctly in front of your eyes. When shopping for eyewear online or in-store, these measurements can guide you in selecting the right frame size for your face shape and ensuring your eyeglasses are comfortable to wear.

For the most accurate and personalised fit, it’s recommended to visit an eyewear professional or optician. They can help you interpret these numbers correctly and guide you towards frames that suit your facial features and prescription needs. With the right frame fit and lens prescription, you can enjoy clear vision and comfortable eyewear all day long.


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