Can you recoat lenses?

Is it Possible to Recoat Eyewear Lenses? A Closer Look

In the optics world, the longevity and functionality of spectacles are of utmost importance. As time passes, lenses might exhibit signs of wear, such as scratches or the deterioration of their protective coatings. This raises a crucial question: Can spectacle lenses be recoated? Delving into this query reveals opportunities to prolong the lifespan of your glasses and maintain prime visual quality. This blog examines the viability of lens recoating, the methods involved, and factors for spectacle owners to consider.


Delving Into Lens Coatings

Spectacle lenses can be treated with a variety of coatings aimed at enhancing visual acuity and longevity. These include anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, UV-blocking, and water-repellent coatings. However, these protective layers can wear away over time, diminishing the lens’s ability to provide clear vision and protection.

The Recoating Procedure

Whether lenses can be recoated hinges on several aspects, such as the required coating type and the lenses’ condition. Although not all coatings can be reapplied, certain types, like anti-reflective or scratch-resistant layers, can be re-added at specialised optical laboratories. This process involves meticulously cleaning the lenses, removing old coating remnants, and applying a new coating.

Factors and Constraints

When contemplating lens recoating, it’s vital to assess the lens material and the severity of any damage present. Lenses marred by deep scratches or other significant damages may not be suitable for recoating. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of recoating is a significant consideration. In some scenarios, the expense of recoating may be comparable to acquiring new lenses, particularly for those with unique or strong prescriptions.

Alternatives to Recoating

If lenses are unsuitable for recoating or if the procedure isn’t economically viable, other options exist. Opting for new lenses with updated coatings might provide better value, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in lens technology and protective coatings for enhanced vision and comfort.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Choice

While recoating lenses presents a potential avenue for enhancing the durability of your eyewear, it’s crucial to weigh its feasibility and cost-efficiency carefully. Seeking advice from a professional optician can offer insight into whether recoating is a practical option or if investing in new lenses would be a wiser decision. Ultimately, the primary goal should be to secure the best quality of vision and comfort in your choice.


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