Can you change lenses on a clip-on?

Changing Lenses on Clip-On Eyewear: Flexibility and Options

Clip-on eyewear, known for its convenience and versatility, allows wearers to easily switch between regular glasses and sunglasses. But what if the clip-on lenses themselves need changing? Whether due to damage, prescription updates, or a desire for a different tint, the question of whether you can change the lenses in a clip-on arises. Let’s explore the possibilities and considerations of changing lenses in clip-on eyewear.

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1. The Nature of Clip-On Eyewear

  • Designed for Convenience: Clip-on glasses are designed to attach to your existing prescription glasses, providing a quick transition to sunglasses without the need for a separate pair.

2. Lens Replacement Feasibility

  • Depends on the Design: Some clip-ons are designed with replaceable lenses, while others are not. The feasibility of swapping lenses largely depends on how the clip-on is constructed.
  • Standard vs. Custom Clip-Ons: Standard, off-the-shelf clip-ons may not offer the option to change lenses, whereas custom-made clip-ons might be designed with this flexibility in mind.

3. Types of Clip-On Lenses

  • Variety of Tints and Coatings: Clip-on lenses come in various tints and may have additional features like polarization or UV protection. Changing lenses could mean swapping to a different tint or upgrading to a lens with better features.

4. DIY Lens Replacement

  • For the Handy and Experienced: If your clip-on allows for lens replacement, and you have the necessary skills, you might be able to change the lenses yourself. This typically involves carefully popping out the old lenses and snapping in new ones.

5. Professional Assistance

  • Seeking Expert Help: For the best results and to avoid damaging your clip-on, consider getting help from an optical professional. They can ensure that the new lenses fit correctly and are free from defects.

6. Cost Considerations

  • Weighing the Options: Sometimes, purchasing a new clip-on may be more cost-effective than replacing the lenses, especially if the frame is showing signs of wear.


Changing the lenses in clip-on eyewear can be possible, but it depends on the design and construction of the clip-on. For those with replaceable lenses, it offers an added layer of flexibility and customization. Whether you do it yourself or seek professional help, changing lenses can extend the life of your clip-ons and provide you with more options to suit your vision needs and preferences.


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