Will my eyesight worsen if I wear glasses?

Myth or Fact: Will Wearing Glasses Worsen Your Eyesight?

A common concern among those prescribed glasses is whether wearing them will worsen their eyesight over time. This worry often leads to hesitation in using eyewear as recommended. Let’s address this concern by separating myth from fact and understanding how glasses affect our vision.


1. Understanding the Role of Glasses

  • Vision Correction, Not Alteration: Glasses are designed to correct vision by compensating for refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. They do not alter the anatomy or function of the eye.

2. The Myth of Dependency

  • Misinterpreted Comfort: Some believe that as you get used to clear vision with glasses, your eyes become dependent on them, worsening natural vision. In reality, glasses simply make you accustomed to how clear and comfortable good vision is.

3. Natural Progression of Eye Conditions

  • Age-Related Changes: Changes in eyesight, especially worsening conditions, are often part of the eye’s natural aging process or the progression of existing conditions, not due to wearing glasses.

4. Importance of Regular Wear

  • Preventing Eye Strain: Regularly wearing prescribed glasses can help prevent eye strain and headaches caused by uncorrected vision, especially in activities like reading, using a computer, or driving.

5. The Impact of Not Wearing Glasses

  • Potential Risks: For those who need glasses but choose not to wear them, there’s a risk of developing eye strain, fatigue, or even exacerbating vision problems in certain tasks which will worsen your sight over time.

6. Regular Eye Exams Are Crucial

  • Monitoring Vision Health: Regular eye exams are important to monitor your vision health and make necessary adjustments to your prescription.

7. Glasses and Children

  • Critical for Development: For children, especially, wearing glasses if prescribed is crucial as poor vision can affect learning and development.


The notion that wearing glasses worsens your eyesight is a myth. Glasses are an important tool in correcting and managing vision issues. Neglecting to wear prescribed eyewear can lead to discomfort and may impact your quality of life. Remember, the best way to take care of your vision is to follow your eye care professional’s advice, wear your glasses as prescribed, and keep up with regular eye exams.


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