Why do my eyes hurt when I wear glasses?

Eyes Hurt with Glasses? Unraveling the Causes and Solutions

The very purpose of wearing glasses is to improve vision and provide comfort. Yet, for some, the experience might be marred by discomfort or even pain. Why might this happen? Let’s explore the potential reasons why your eye hurt and their remedies.


1. Incorrect Prescription

The most common reason behind eye discomfort:

  • Symptoms: Blurred vision, headaches, or dizziness.
  • Solution: Double-check the prescription. If the discomfort persists, consult your optometrist to ensure there hasn’t been an error in prescription or lens creation.

2. New Prescription Adaptation

Switching to a new prescription, especially if it’s a significant change, can cause initial discomfort and your eyes to hurt.

  • Symptoms: Mild strain or headaches.
  • Solution: Allow an adjustment period. However, if discomfort continues beyond a week or worsens, consult your eye specialist.

3. Frame Misalignment

The fit of your glasses is crucial.

  • Symptoms: Pressure on the temples, nose, or behind the ears.
  • Solution: Visit an optician to have the frames adjusted for a better fit. Ensure the lenses are aligned correctly to your pupils.

4. Lens Coatings and Quality

The type of lenses and their coatings can sometimes be culprits of your eyes hurting.

  • Symptoms: Glare, reflections, or reduced clarity.
  • Solution: Ensure you have an anti-reflective coating, especially if you spend significant time in front of screens. Opt for high-quality lenses to ensure visual clarity.

5. Underlying Eye Conditions

Sometimes, the discomfort might not be due to the glasses but an underlying eye issue.

  • Symptoms: Persistent pain, redness, dryness, or itchiness.
  • Solution: Schedule a comprehensive eye exam to rule out conditions like dry eye syndrome, eye infections, or other disorders.


While glasses aim to enhance visual comfort, they can occasionally cause discomfort and your eyes to hurt. Recognizing the root cause is the first step to finding a solution. If you experience persistent pain or discomfort with your glasses, don’t hesitate to consult with an optometrist. They can provide guidance tailored to your unique eyes and needs.

Wearing glasses shouldn’t be a pain. Explore potential causes of discomfort and solutions to ensure your eyewear experience is clear, comfortable, and beneficial.


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