While traveling, how can you tighten your frame?

Quick Fixes: Tightening Your Eyeglass Frames While Traveling

When you’re traveling, a loose pair of glasses can be more than just an annoyance – it can disrupt your entire trip. But not to worry, there are several quick fixes you can apply to tighten your frames, even when you’re far from your optician.


1. Identify the Problem Area

First, determine why your frames are loose. Common issues include:

  • Loose Screws: The screws at the temples or nose bridge may have loosened.
  • Misaligned Temples: Sometimes, the temples (or “arms”) of the glasses can become misaligned.
  • Stretched Out Frames: With wear, frames, especially those made of plastic, can lose their original shape.

2. Temporary Solutions for Loose Screws While Traveling

  • Mini Screwdriver Kit: A portable eyeglass repair kit is a traveler’s best friend. Use the small screwdriver to tighten any loose screws on your frames.
  • Clear Nail Polish: In a pinch, dab a small amount of clear nail polish on the hinge screws. Once it dries, it can temporarily hold the screws in place.

3. Adjusting Misaligned Temples While Traveling

  • Warm Water: For plastic frames, run the temples under warm (not hot) water for about 30 seconds, then gently bend them back into place. Let them cool down before wearing.
  • Gentle Bending: Metal frames can often be carefully bent back into shape by hand. Be gentle to avoid breaking them.

4. Dealing with Stretched Out Frames While Traveling

  • Heat Application: Similar to adjusting misaligned temples, gentle heat can make plastic frames more pliable so you can slightly tighten them. Be cautious not to overheat.
  • Padding: Temporarily add small pieces of tissue or adhesive bandage inside the temples for a tighter fit.

5. When to Seek Professional Help

These tips are temporary solutions. Once you return from your travels, visit an optician to properly adjust or repair your glasses. Though if it can’t wait, then drop into a local independent optical store during your travels and ask if they can help.


Loose glasses don’t have to ruin your traveling plans. With some quick fixes, you can keep your frames snug until you can get them professionally adjusted. Always handle your glasses with care, especially when making adjustments, to avoid permanent damage.


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