When is the best time to switch to multifocal lenses?

Making The Switch to Multifocal Lenses: Timing It Right

Deciding when to switch to multifocal lenses is an important question for many, especially as they experience changes in their vision with age. Multifocal lenses offer the convenience of correcting vision at multiple distances in a single lens, ideal for presbyopia – the age-related decline in near vision. Let’s explore the ideal timing for beginning your journey with multifocal lenses.


1. Understanding Presbyopia

  • A Natural Ageing Process: Presbyopia typically starts to affect people in their 40s. It’s a normal part of aging where the eye’s lens loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects.

2. Recognising the Signs

  • Difficulty with Small Print: If you find yourself holding books or your phone further away to see clearly, or if reading up close is causing strain, it might be time to switch to multifocals.
  • Eye Fatigue: Experiencing eye fatigue or headaches after doing close-up work can also be a sign that your vision needs multifocal correction.

3. Considering Your Visual Needs

  • Lifestyle Factors: Your daily activities play a significant role. If you constantly switch between different glasses for reading, computer work, and distance vision, multifocals can simplify your life.

4. The Advantages of Early Transition

  • Easier Adaptation: Switching to multifocals earlier can make the adaptation period smoother. The change in your vision is likely less drastic, making it easier for your eyes to adjust.

5. Consultation with an Eye Care Professional

  • Personalised Assessment: An optometrist can provide a comprehensive eye exam and advice on whether the switch to multifocal lenses are suitable for you, considering your specific vision needs and lifestyle.

6. Experimenting with Multifocals

  • Trial and Adjustment: Initially, you may need time to adjust to multifocals. Start by wearing them for a few hours each day, gradually increasing as you get more comfortable.


The right time to switch to using multifocal lenses varies for each individual, but it’s typically around the onset of presbyopia in the early to mid-40s. Recognizing the early signs of vision changes and consulting with an eye care professional can guide you in making a timely and beneficial transition to multifocal lenses.


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