What’s the difference between cheap frames and expensive frames?

There’s the old phrase “you get what you pay for”, but in the world of eyewear, you want to be careful about where you invest your money. When we look at cheap and expensive, we don’t necessarily look at just the retail price of a frame, we look at the quality of the material and craftsmanship and we measure that against the retail. There are brands that are able to charge a large amount because of their name, but the quality is lacking in both material and make due to having licenced large manufacturing companies to bulk create. Then there are independent designers who work closely with manufacturers to handcraft pieces of art in very small batches.


The trick is to find the style that suits you within your budget and focus on the overall feel of the frame. If you’re not sure what a good quality frame feels like, then shop around some of the independent eyewear shops to feel the difference. A good frame, irrelevant of price, will last you over a decade with very simple care. That is a great investment, all you’ll do is change lenses as your script changes.

Big brands really let themselves down in the eyewear department. They focus on bulk built cheap quality frames that you pay purely for the name. If you wear glasses or even looking for your next pair of sunglasses, make sure to research independent eyewear designers. They have lead the way of design and craftsmanship for over a century and are the reason we have some of the most loved styles today. They build in small batches and use the highest quality materials relevant to their price points.


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