What style glasses are best with hearing aids?

For those who wear hearing aids, finding eyeglasses that are comfortable and stylish can be a challenge. The key is to select frames that do not interfere with the hearing device’s function while still suiting your personal style. Let’s explore the types of glasses that work well and what to consider when choosing them.

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1. Slim and Flexible Temples

  • Avoid Bulk: Glasses with slim and flexible temples are ideal as they reduce the pressure where the glasses and hearing aids sit behind the ears. Bulky frames can cause discomfort and may even dislodge hearing aids.

2. Frame Material Matters

  • Lightweight Options: Materials like titanium or lightweight plastics can offer comfort and reduce the feeling of heaviness around the ears, especially important for those wearing both glasses and hearing device.

3. Consider Frame Shape and Size

  • Proper Fit: A proper fit is crucial. Frames that are too large may conflict with the device. Opt for a shape and size that sit comfortably on your face without disturbing the hearing aid.

4. Wireframes Over Thick Frames

  • Subtle Wireframes: Wireframes, or frames with thin rims, are generally more compatible with hearing aids than thick, full-rimmed styles. They are less likely to cause discomfort or interfere with the device.

5. Arm Design and Adjustability

  • Adjustable Arms: Frames with adjustable arms allow for a customized fit, ensuring they don’t clash with your hearing aids.

6. Special Considerations for BTE Aids

  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Aids: If you use BTE aids, be particularly mindful of the temple design. The arms of the glasses should be thin enough to fit comfortably alongside your hearing device.

7. Trying Before Buying

  • Test Drive: Always try on frames while wearing your hearing aids. This will give you the best idea of compatibility and comfort.


Selecting the right glasses when you wear hearing aids doesn’t mean compromising on style. By focusing on slim, flexible temples, lightweight materials, and the right frame shape, you can find eyewear that complements your hearing device and meets your aesthetic preferences. Remember, comfort and functionality are just as important as style.


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