What is the ‘add’ in my eye presctiption?

If you’ve ever wondered about the numbers and abbreviations on your eye prescription, you’re not alone. One of the essential elements in your prescription is the “Add” value. Understanding what the the value means is crucial, particularly if you’re approaching middle age and experiencing changes in your near vision.


What Is the “Add” Value in Your Eye Prescription?

The “Add” value, often referred to as “Addition” or “Near Addition,” is a crucial component of your eyeglass prescription. This value indicates the additional focusing power needed for clear vision at close distances, such as reading or working on a computer. It is measured in diopters (D).

Why Is the “Add” Value Important?

As we age, our eyes undergo changes that affect our ability to focus on close objects. This natural aging process, known as presbyopia, typically begins around the age of 40. Presbyopia leads to a gradual loss of near vision, making it challenging to read fine print or see objects up close.

The “Add” value in your prescription addresses this issue by providing extra magnifying power in the lower part of your eyeglass lenses, primarily in bifocal or progressive lenses. This added power assists in accommodating for close-up tasks, effectively correcting presbyopia.

How Is the “Add” Value Determined?

Your eye care professional determines the “Add” value during an eye examination. They will perform tests to assess your near vision and determine the strength of the additional power required to correct presbyopia effectively.

Example of an “Add” Value: Suppose your prescription includes a value of +2.00 for the “Add.” This means you need an additional +2.00 diopters of power in the lower part of your lenses to read comfortably or perform close-up tasks.

Getting the Right Lenses:

Understanding the “Add” value is crucial for selecting the appropriate lenses to correct presbyopia. Whether you opt for bifocals or progressive lenses, the “Add” value ensures that you can see clearly at various distances, from reading a book to looking across the room.

In conclusion, the “Add” value in your eye prescription is essential for addressing presbyopia, a common age-related vision change. By providing the extra focusing power needed for close-up tasks, this value allows you to enjoy clear vision at all distances. If you’re experiencing difficulty with near vision, consulting with your eye care professional is the first step in obtaining the right eyewear with the correct “Add” value to meet your visual needs.


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