What is Silmo?

Silmo: The Epicenter of Optical Innovation and Trends

The optical industry, with its blend of healthcare, technology, and fashion, requires a platform where innovation meets trendsetting. That’s where Silmo steps in. If you’re not familiar with this name, let’s introduce you to one of the biggest international optics and eyewear trade shows in the world.

1. At a Glance

Silmo, or “Salon International de l’Optique Lunetterie,” originated in Paris, France, and has been an annual staple since 1967. Gathering professionals from all corners of the globe, it serves as a dynamic hub for showcasing the latest in eyewear design, technology, and optical innovations.

2. Why Silmo Matters

Here’s why this event stands out in the optical calendar:

  • Global Showcase: With thousands of exhibitors and attendees, the fair presents an international panorama of the industry’s offerings.
  • Innovation Hub: Beyond mere display, the event fosters innovation, hosting awards like the “Silmo d’Or” to honor outstanding contributions.
  • Educational Avenue: It’s also an educational hub, providing workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities for professionals.

3. Trendspotting

For fashion enthusiasts and eyewear brands, Silmo is a trendspotter’s paradise. The event invariably sets the tone for the upcoming year’s eyewear fashion, offering a preview into emerging styles, materials, and designs.

4. A Broad Spectrum

While eyewear is a significant component, Silmo’s range is vast. It encompasses everything from optical equipment, lenses, and raw materials to business solutions for optometrists and optical stores.

5. Beyond Paris

Given its immense success, Silmo has expanded its footprint. The brand now hosts events in various other cities worldwide, allowing more regions to experience the magic and innovation that the fair brings.


In essence, Silmo isn’t just a trade show; it’s a celebration of the optical world’s evolution and trends. For professionals, attending can mean staying ahead of the curve, forging invaluable connections, and witnessing the future of optics firsthand. If eyewear and optics intrigue you, keeping an eye on Silmo’s yearly revelations is a must.

Keen on the world of optics? Silmo is where innovation shines, trends emerge, and the global community converges. Stay tuned, stay inspired!


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