What is Moscot eyewear?

One of the oldest eyewear companies in the world, Moscot was established in 1915 in New York City. It is a five generation family owned business with humble origins selling from a push cart in 1899 and through the popularity of the frames opening its first shop in 1915 at 94 Rivington Street.

Moscot eyewear

With over 100 years of optical expertise, it has grown its cult following throughout the world. Being seen on celebrities and personalities such as Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and Buddy Holly all the way through to now, being spotted on Cristiano Ronaldo, Samuel L Jackson and Stanley Tucci. But Johnny Depp was the on celebrity that really gave Moscot and it’s famous Lemtosh a big push when the 2004 movie ‘Secret Window’ was released.

The five generations of owners starts with 1st generation Hyman Moscot in 1899 and then in 1925 2nd generation Sol Moscot joined at the age of 15 spending 8 decades with the business. 3rd generation Joel Moscot came into the business in 1951 followed by 4th generation and current CEO Harvey Moscot. 4th generation Kenny and 5th generation Zack Moscot are also currently part of the business with Zack being the current chief of design having an industrial design background.

Hyman arrived in New York City from Belarus, Eastern Europe and with already a background in optics, began selling readymade glasses from a wooden push cart. This pushcart is still part of the Moscot branding today, to display that it never forgets where it came from. Enriched with a deep family history, Moscot have remained an independent eyewear company avoiding the temptation to sell off to the larger manufacturing houses. Allowing them to maintain the control of the quality of their frames and protecting the Moscot legacy.


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