What is a good multifocal?

The multifocal or progressive lens, has become such a lifestyle change for people who wear glasses. The ability to have your distance, mid-range and reading script in one lens, with the better lenses offering a seamless transition from distance to read with minimal to no blurriness. 


There are many multifocal lenses in the market to suit a broad range of budgets and uses. But, this is definitely where each lens company comes into play, the different technology and innovations that are put into multifocal lenses will be the difference on how they work for you and the lifestyle you lead. Every company have different tiers of multifocal lenses, trying to cover as many budgets as possible, the main take away here is the lack of technology as you downgrade the lens. 

A cheaper multifocal will serve its purpose, allowing you to see distance, mid-range and read. The issue is how narrow the corridors are, which means that every measurement that is taken, from heights through to your pupil distance, needs to be accurate to the millimetre otherwise they will not work correctly. The points of vision are so narrow, that it does not leave any room for peripheral vision and any error. There is a much higher rate of rejection leading to first time users moving away altogether from multifocal lenes and opting for a distance pair and a reading pair and in some cases, a mid-range pair for computer work.

When we move to a premium lens, we start to experience the best technology lens companies can offer. Allowing for broader ranges providing a more natural and comfortable experience. Depending on how heavy your script is, you may have close to full peripheral ability, broader reading ranges and great distance vision. There will be less to no rejection and your everyday life will be enhanced having your lenses work for you, rather than the other way around.


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