What frames did Le Corbusier wear?

Le Corbusier, the influential architect and designer, was often seen wearing a distinctive style of eyewear that consisted of thick, round frames. These thick round eyewear frames became synonymous with his iconic look and contributed to his overall aesthetic.

Le Corbusier’s eyewear featured oversized round frames made from thick acetate or plastic materials. The bold and chunky frames made a statement and added a unique touch to his appearance. The round shape of the frames complemented his facial features and helped create a harmonious balance with his other style choices.

The thick round eyewear frames not only served as a fashion statement but also had functional benefits. The larger size of the frames provided a wider field of vision and allowed for a greater amount of prescription lens space. This was particularly important for Le Corbusier, as he needed optimal visual clarity while working on architectural drawings and blueprints.

The thick round eyewear frames that Le Corbusier wore became an iconic part of his image, and they continue to inspire contemporary eyewear designs. Many eyewear brands now offer similar styles, often referred to as “Le Corbusier-inspired” or “vintage round” frames.

If you’re looking to emulate Le Corbusier’s eyewear style, search for glasses with thick round frames in acetate or plastic materials. Pay attention to the size and proportions of the frames to ensure they suit your face shape and provide a comfortable fit. Additionally, consider the color and finish of the frames to match your personal style.

Remember, while it’s exciting to draw inspiration from Le Corbusier’s eyewear, it’s essential to find frames that suit your own preferences and needs. Visit an optician or explore eyewear retailers to discover a range of thick round eyewear frames that align with your unique style and vision requirements.

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