What are the main unisex eyewear shapes?

Unisex Eyewear Shapes: Blurring Gender Lines in Fashion

In the world of eyewear, the trend of unisex frames has been steadily rising, offering versatile styles that transcend gender norms. These frames cater to a broad spectrum of faces, regardless of gender, emphasizing inclusivity and universal appeal. Let’s explore the main unisex eyewear shapes dominating the market.


1. The Round Frame

  • Classic and Timeless: Round frames have a long history, harking back to the early days of eyeglasses. Their simple, circular shape offers a vintage yet timeless appeal.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of face shapes, especially square and heart-shaped faces, round frames are a popular choice among those seeking a sophisticated, intellectual look.

2. The Square Frame

  • Bold Statement: Square frames, characterised by their angular lines, offer a bold and striking look. A unisex style that provides a balance of classic and contemporary style.
  • Face Shape Complement: These frames work well with round and oval face shapes, offering a nice contrast to softer facial features.

3. The Wayfarer Style

  • Iconic Design: The Wayfarer, with its trapezoidal frame shape, has become an iconic unisex design. Originally introduced by Ray-Ban, this style has been widely adopted and adapted by various eyewear brands.
  • Universal Appeal: Its balanced proportions make the Wayfarer suitable for almost all face shapes, contributing to its widespread popularity.

4. The Aviator Shape

  • Pilot-Inspired: The Aviator, known for its teardrop shape, was initially designed for pilots. Over time, it has become a staple in unisex fashion eyewear.
  • Flattering for Many: The Aviator’s distinctive shape and typically thin frame make it flattering for a range of face shapes, adding a touch of classic cool to any look.

5. The Cat-Eye (Modified)

  • Softer Edges: While traditional cat-eye frames are often associated with feminine styles, modern interpretations with softer, less dramatic upward curves have made them more unisex.
  • Elegant yet Edgy: These frames blend elegance with a hint of edginess, making them a unique choice for fashion-forward individuals.


Unisex eyewear is not just about functionality; it’s about making a fashion statement that is inclusive and universally appealing. With designs like the round, square, Wayfarer, Aviator, and modified cat-eye frames, the options are vast and varied, catering to all, irrespective of gender. In embracing unisex eyewear, we celebrate a move towards more inclusive fashion choices.


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