What are one point seven four high index lenses?

When your script powers are strong, you need to get a thin lens. The 1.74 high index lenses are one of thinnest lenses on the market. For high powered scripts, these lenses will be the most aesthetically looking lenses you can get and also one of the lightest.

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Frame selection is still key to fitting lenses to high power scripts and the smaller and rounder you go, the better the overall look will be. Using 1.74 lenses will also give the lightest and best looking option as well as providing the flattest front surface.

There are some limitations with 1.74 lenses. Because of the material and how oily it is, there aren’t many labs that will attempt to tint the lenses for sunglasses, mainly because it can take up to 3 weeks just to soak the lenses in tint to get a 70% tint and if anything goes wrong during coatings or fittings, the process starts all over again. It’s also limited to a few labs that will offer transition or photochromic lenses.

There are other options to a 1.74 lens now being offered. 1.76 is available and is also a material that is able to be tinted to 85%. They are thinner, flatter and with the ability to offer them to high powered script users as sunglasses, it’s a gamechanger for those who haven’t been able to get a dark tinted sunglass scripted.


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