What are Essilor Varilux XR Series lenses?

In the optics industry, innovation is the key to enhanced visual experiences. A standout in this domain is Essilor’s Varilux XR series lenses. What makes these lenses a cut above the rest? Let’s unravel the benefits and features of this progressive lens innovation.

varilux xr

1. A Quick Insight: The Essilor Legacy

Essilor, a global leader in ophthalmic optics, has a reputation for crafting lenses that enhance and protect eyesight. Their dedication to research and technology has produced several groundbreaking products, and the Varilux XR series is no exception.

2. Progressive Lenses: Bridging Vision Gaps

Progressive lenses, or no-line multifocals, are designed to correct presbyopia, offering clear vision across multiple distances without visible lens lines. They transition seamlessly from distance to intermediate to near vision.

3. What Sets Varilux XR Series Apart?

The “XR” signifies the extended range, emphasizing the lens’s ability to deliver a broader spectrum of clear vision. The series is known for:

  • Precision: Customized to individual prescriptions, ensuring personalized visual clarity.
  • Expansive Vision Zones: The Varilux XR lenses are crafted to offer wider fields of vision, making activities like reading or computer work more comfortable.
  • Seamless Transitions: The meticulously designed gradients between vision zones provide a natural shift, eliminating the disorienting “swim” effect some users experience with other progressive lenses.

4. Benefits of Opting for Varilux XR Series

  • Versatility in Action: Whether it’s glancing at a dashboard, reading a menu, or admiring a distant landscape, these lenses adjust swiftly to various visual demands.
  • Reduced Visual Fatigue: The harmonious transitions across vision zones mean eyes work more effortlessly, diminishing strain.
  • Modern Appeal: Ditch the discernible bifocal or trifocal lines. Varilux XR lenses offer a sleek appearance in line with contemporary aesthetics.


Essilor’s Varilux XR series lenses epitomize the advancements in progressive lens technology. For those seeking an unparalleled visual experience across all distances, this series emerges as a top choice. With Essilor’s dedication to quality and innovation, the future of optics looks bright, and the Varilux XR series shines as a beacon of this progress.

Discover the Varilux XR series lenses by Essilor. Dive into a world of progressive optics that promises expansive vision, comfort, and modern style.


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