Should I have multiple pairs of glasses?

Multiple Pairs of Glasses: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Glasses are more than just vision-correcting devices; they’re an integral part of our daily lives. While having one pair might seem sufficient, there are compelling reasons to consider owning multiple pairs. Let’s explore why having an ‘eyewear wardrobe’ is both practical and beneficial.


1. Backup for Emergencies

  • Breakage or Loss: Accidents happen, and glasses can break or get lost. Having a spare pair ensures you’re never without clear vision.
  • Convenience: Keep one a pair at home, one at work, or in your bag, so you’re always prepared.

2. Task-Specific Eyewear

  • Computer Glasses: If you spend significant time in front of screens, glasses with blue-light filtering lenses can reduce digital eye strain.
  • Reading Glasses: For those who need them, a pair dedicated to reading can be tailored to the specific distance and lighting conditions you usually read in.

3. Different Lenses for Different Conditions

  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while outdoors. Prescription sunglasses combine vision correction with sun protection.
  • Transitions: Light-adaptive lenses are convenient for moving between indoors and outdoors, but they don’t substitute for polarized sunglasses in intense sun.

4. Fashion and Personal Style

  • Style Choices: Glasses are a fashion statement. Different pairs can complement various outfits or occasions.
  • Mood and Preference: Like changing clothes, you might prefer different glasses depending on your mood or the day’s activities.

5. Eye Health and Maintenance

  • Regular Cleaning and Adjustments: Having multiple pairs allows you to maintain each pair better, as you won’t be wearing the same one incessantly.

6. Changing Vision Needs

  • Prescription Updates: Over time, your vision can change. Having multiple pairs means you can have different prescriptions to suit varying vision needs.


Multiple pairs of glasses are an investment in your vision, comfort, and style. They offer the practicality of backup and task-specific use, the health benefits of appropriate eye protection, and the opportunity to express your personal style. Consider building your eyewear wardrobe thoughtfully to cater to all aspects of your visual needs.


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