Is Tokai’s 1.76 lens the thinnest?

Tokai’s 1.76 Lenses: Pushing the Boundaries of Thinness

In the race to achieve the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality in eyewear, lens thickness is a crucial factor. Tokai, a leading name in the optical industry, claims to offer the thinnest lens with its 1.76 index. But is it truly the pinnacle of lens slimness? Let’s dive deeper.


1. The Allure of Tokai’s 1.76 Lenses

Tokai’s 1.76 high-index lens promises to be the thinnest lens on the market, a significant feat for those with high prescriptions who often grapple with bulky lenses. The increased refractive index means that less material is needed to correct vision, resulting in a slimmer profile.

2. Advantages of Tokai’s 1.76

  • Reduced Bulk: These lenses almost entirely eliminate the dreaded “coke bottle” appearance associated with high prescriptions.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The thinness ensures a more flattering look, regardless of the strength of the prescription.
  • Comfort: The reduced lens material leads to a lightweight feel, providing increased comfort for the wearer.
  • Clarity: Being a high-index lens, the 1.76 offers impeccable vision clarity.

3. How Does It Compare?

While Tokai’s lenses are among the thinnest available, it’s essential to note that lens technology is ever-evolving. As of now, 1.76 is one of the highest indices in the market, but research and development in the optical field might soon produce even thinner options.

4. Considerations When Opting for Tokai’s 1.76

  • Cost Factor: Premium materials often come with a premium price tag. These lenses are no exception.
  • Reflectivity: Like other high-index lenses, Tokai’s 1.76 may have increased reflectivity. However, this can be mitigated with an anti-reflective coating.


Tokai’s 1.76 lenses are undeniably a groundbreaking achievement in the world of optics, offering a solution for those in search of thinness and clarity. While they currently stand as one of the thinnest lens options available, the ever-advancing realm of optical technology promises even more innovations on the horizon.


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