How often should I get an eye test?

It’s important that you keep on top of your eye health. Optometrists generally recommend you have your eyes checked every 2 years and then yearly after the age of 60, although people with certain medical conditions will require more frequent testing. It’s a fairly painless process and broadly bulk billed throughout Australia, so it will be covered by your Medicare. 

In saying that, if you have any signs of deterioration with your sight, finding it hard to drive at night or have headaches for unknown reasons, it is worth booking in before your scheduled visit. In a lot of cases it can be tiredness, stress or any other natural reasons, but it’s definitely worth taking the 20-40 minutes of your day to get things checked out and have a full eye health scan while you’re there just to be sure there’s nothing nasty going on.

Just remember to not judge a book by its cover, independent and chain practices are only as good as their optometrists. So, make sure you do a little bit of research into the optometrists at the practices if you haven’t got a regular place that you go to.


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