How do you fix splayed frames?

Rectifying Splayed Frames: A Guide to Restoring Your Eyewear’s Fit

Splayed frames, where the arms of the glasses spread outward and no longer fit snugly against the head, are a common issue for eyeglass wearers. This misalignment can lead to discomfort and a constant need to adjust your glasses. Let’s explore effective ways to fix stretched frames and restore their original comfort and functionality.


1. Understanding Splayed Frames

  • Causes: Splayed frames often result from regular use, where putting on and taking off glasses stretches the arms. Sometimes, accidentally sitting on your glasses or handling them roughly can cause them to splay.

2. Professional Adjustment

  • Optician’s Expertise: The safest and most reliable fix for splayed frames is to take them to an optician. They have the right tools and expertise to adjust the frames without damaging them.
  • Check for Underlying Issues: An optician can also check if the splaying is due to a broken or weakened part of the frame.

3. DIY Methods for Minor Adjustments

  • Heating Plastic Frames: If your frames are made of plastic, gently heating the arms with a hair dryer can make them pliable enough to bend slightly inward. Be cautious not to overheat as this can damage the frames.
  • Bending Metal Frames: You can carefully bend the arms of metal frames back into place. Do this gently to avoid breaking them.

4. Preventing Future Splaying

  • Proper Handling: Always handle your glasses with care. Use both hands to put them on and take them off.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check your glasses for any signs of misalignment or loosening.

5. When to Consider Replacement

  • Irreparable Damage: If the frames are significantly splayed and attempts to adjust them fail, or if they keep returning to the splayed position, it may be time to consider replacing them.


Splayed frames can be a nuisance, but with the right approach, they can often be brought back to their proper alignment. Whether you choose professional adjustment or careful DIY methods, regular maintenance and careful handling are key to prolonging the life of your glasses and ensuring they remain comfortable and functional.


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