How do I get my child to wear glasses?

Encouraging Your Child to Wear Glasses: Tips and Tricks

Introducing a pair of glasses to your child can be both an exciting and challenging endeavor. While it marks a positive step towards improved vision, many children might resist wearing them. So, how do you ease this transition and make glasses a welcome accessory? Let’s explore some effective strategies.


1. Involve Them in the Selection Process

A child is most likely to wear something they’ve chosen themselves.

  • Personal Touch: Allow them to pick frames they find attractive or fun.
  • Themes & Characters: Many brands offer frames featuring beloved characters or themes that appeal to young ones.

2. Create a Positive Association

Refrain from making glasses seem like a punishment or inconvenience to your child.

  • Storytime: Read books or show episodes where characters wear glasses, making it relatable and fun.
  • Celebrate the Difference: Emphasize how clear and beautiful things look with glasses.

3. Ensure a Comfortable Fit

An ill-fitting frame can be a primary deterrent for a child.

  • Professional Fitting: Make sure the optician adjusts the glasses for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Regular Checkups: Kids grow quickly. Ensure the glasses fit well and adjust them as necessary.

4. Establish a Routine

Consistency is key.

  • Daily Routine: Designate specific times, gradually increasing the duration until they’re accustomed to wearing them all day.
  • Safe Storage: Teach them to store glasses in a case when not in use, making it a habit.

5. Offer Positive Reinforcement

A child often respond well to positive feedback and rewards.

  • Compliments: Praise them for remembering to wear and take care of their glasses.
  • Reward System: Consider setting up a chart where they earn stars for each day they wear them, leading to a reward.

6. Educate Your child on The Importance

In age-appropriate language, explain why glasses are essential.

  • Simple Explanation: “Your glasses help you see better, just like shoes help your feet walk without pain.”


Getting a child to embrace their new glasses requires patience, understanding, and often a sprinkle of creativity. Celebrate this new chapter with them, and before you know it, those glasses will become a natural and cherished part of their daily life.

From choosing funky frames to forming a glasses-friendly routine, explore effective ways to make your child’s transition to wearing glasses smooth and enjoyable!


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