How are optyl frames adjusted?

Adjusting Optyl Frames: Ensuring the Perfect Fit

Optyl frames, known for their lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic properties, have become a popular choice in eyewear. However, unlike traditional plastic or metal frames, adjusting the frames requires specific techniques due to their unique material properties. Let’s explore how opticians adjust Optyl frames for a perfect fit.

optyl frames

1. Understanding Optyl Material

  • Memory Property: Optyl is a type of thermosetting plastic that has a ‘memory effect’. This means that the frames return to their original shape after bending, making them resilient but also requiring special care during adjustments.

2. The Heat Adjustment Method

  • Using Controlled Heat: Adjustments to Optyl frames are typically made using a specialized heating unit. The frames are gently heated to a specific temperature that makes the material pliable enough to adjust.

3. Precision and Expertise

  • Professional Handling: Due to the unique properties of Optyl, adjustments should ideally be carried out by an experienced optician. The process requires precision to avoid overstretching or damaging the frames.

4. Customizing the Fit

  • Adjusting Nose Pads and Temples: The optician can adjust the nose pads and temples while the frames are warm to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. This includes altering the angle and width of the nose bridge and the bend of the temples.

5. Cooling Down

  • Retaining the New Shape: Once adjusted, the frames need to cool down. As they cool, the Optyl material sets into the new shape, maintaining the adjustments made.

6. Limitations in Adjustments

  • Not All Changes Are Possible: It’s important to note that there are limitations to how much Optyl frames can be adjusted. Significant alterations in shape or size may not be feasible.

7. Caring for Optyl Frames Post-Adjustment

  • Maintaining Shape: Avoid exposing adjusted Optyl frames to high temperatures (like leaving them in a car on a hot day), as this can cause them to revert to their original shape.


Adjusting Optyl frames requires a careful approach, balancing the need for a comfortable fit with the material’s unique characteristics. Professional handling using the right techniques and tools is essential for successful adjustments. With proper care, Optyl frames can provide a durable, comfortable, and stylish eyewear option.


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