Does coastal living lessen the life of glasses?

Coastal Living and Eyewear Longevity: Navigating the Challenges

Living by the beach offers a serene lifestyle with its tranquil views and soothing breezes. However, for eyeglass wearers, the coastal environment poses unique challenges that could potentially lessen the lifespan of their glasses. The combination of salt air, sand, humidity, and sunlight can take a toll on both the frames and lenses. Let’s explore how coastal living affects eyewear and ways to mitigate these effects to ensure your glasses last longer.


1. Salt Air Corrosion

  • The Impact: Salt air comes hand in hand with the coastal lifestyle and is corrosive. Over time, it can erode the coating on your glasses, leading to the deterioration of both metal frames and the protective layers on lenses.
  • Prevention: Rinse your glasses with fresh water after exposure to salty air and dry them with a soft cloth. Consider frames made from corrosion-resistant materials like titanium or acetate.

2. Sand Abrasion

  • The Risk: It’s impossible to escape sand when you go coastal. Sand can scratch lenses and frames, particularly when glasses are left unprotected. These micro-scratches can accumulate, reducing clarity and affecting the aesthetic appeal of your eyewear.
  • Protection Strategy: Always store your glasses in a protective case when not in use. Avoid putting them down on sandy surfaces.

3. Humidity and Lens Care

  • Moisture Damage: Coastal towns can experience high humidity which can contribute to the degradation of lens coatings, leading to peeling or clouding over time.
  • Care Tips: Use anti-fog wipes or sprays to manage condensation without damaging the lens coatings. Ensure your glasses are stored in a relatively dry, cool place.

4. Sunlight Exposure

  • UV Damage: Living coastal generally promotes prolonged exposure to UV rays which can weaken frames and cause lenses to become brittle or discolored.
  • Sun Protection: Opt for glasses with UV-protective lenses and consider photochromic lenses that adjust their tint based on sunlight exposure.


While living in a coastal town does present challenges for maintaining the longevity of your eyewear, these issues can be managed with proper care and precautions. Choosing the right materials, regularly cleaning and rinsing your glasses, and protecting them from the elements can significantly extend their life. Embrace the coastal lifestyle without sacrificing the quality and longevity of your glasses by adopting these protective measures.


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