Can you replicate the tint of a sunglass lens when scripting?

Replicating Sunglass Lens Tint in Prescription Eyewear: A Possibility?

Sunglasses not only protect our eyes from harmful UV rays but also serve as a fashion statement. For those requiring prescription lenses, the desire to replicate the tint of a favorite pair of non-prescription sunglasses is common. But is it feasible to copy the tint of a sunglass lens when creating prescription sunglasses? Let’s delve into the technicalities and possibilities.


1. Tint Customisation in Prescription Lenses

  • Wide Range of Options: Most opticians and lens manufacturers offer a variety of tint colors and gradients for prescription sunglasses. This flexibility allows for a close match to many non-prescription sunglass tints without the complexity to replicate the exact tint.

2. Matching the Exact Tint

  • Nearly Identical Matches Possible: While achieving an exact 100% replica might be challenging due to proprietary colors or gradients of certain brands, opticians can often come very close. Advanced lens technology and customisation options allow for a wide spectrum of hues and saturation levels.

3. Considerations for Replicating Tints

  • UV Protection: When selecting a tint, it’s crucial to ensure that the lenses offer adequate UV protection. The color or darkness of the tint does not necessarily equate to better UV protection.
  • Visual Comfort and Clarity: The primary purpose of prescription sunglasses is to provide visual clarity and protection. Ensure that the chosen tint enhances vision rather than impairs it, especially in different lighting conditions.

4. Gradient and Specialised Tints

  • Gradient Tints: These tints, which gradually change from darker at the top to lighter at the bottom, are popular in sunglasses and can typically be replicated in prescription lenses.
  • Polarisation and Mirror Coatings: Besides tint, features like polarization, which reduces glare from reflective surfaces, and mirror coatings can also be added to prescription sunglasses for both function and style.

5. Professional Guidance is Key

  • Consulting with an Optician: A skilled optician can guide you through the process, from selecting the right tint and lens features to ensuring the final product meets your vision and protection needs.


Replicating the tint of non-prescription sunglasses in prescription eyewear is certainly achievable, with a vast range of tint colors and customization options available. While an exact match might not always be possible, the ability to come close allows you to maintain your style without compromising on vision quality or eye protection. Consulting with a professional will ensure that your prescription sunglasses meet both your aesthetic and optical needs.


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