Can office lenses be worn while driving?

Driving with Office Lenses: Is It Safe?

Office lenses, known as computer or occupational lenses in some circles, have become indispensable for many engaged in office work, optimising vision for the close-up and intermediate distances that dominate the office environment. However, the appropriateness of office lenses for driving is a matter of concern. This piece delves into whether it’s safe to drive with office lenses and the key factors to consider.


1. The Purpose of Office Lenses

  • Optimised for Close and Intermediate Distances: Designed specifically to improve comfort and clarity at near and intermediate ranges, office lenses are ideal for computer use, reading, and other desk activities. They are not, however, tailored for long-distance vision, which is essential for driving.

2. The Drawbacks for Drivers

  • Limited Long-Distance Vision: The primary focus on shorter distances means office lenses may not provide the necessary clarity for driving, such as clearly seeing road signs and navigating traffic.

3. Safety Implications

  • A Potential Risk: Utilising lenses that don’t support adequate distance vision while driving can pose a significant safety risk. The lack of clear vision for distant objects could compromise your ability to respond to road conditions, endangering both the driver and other road users.

4. Alternative Eyewear Solutions

  • Considering Progressive or Bifocal Lenses: For those needing correction for both near and far vision, progressive or bifocal lenses could be a more suitable choice, offering a gradual transition from close-up to distance vision suitable for driving.
  • Keeping a Separate Pair for Driving: If office lenses are essential for your work, having a separate pair of glasses with single-vision distance lenses for driving might be advisable.

5. Seeking Professional Guidance

  • Expert Recommendations: Consulting an optometrist can provide advice tailored to your specific vision needs and lifestyle, ensuring you have the correct eyewear for both driving and desk work.


Although office lenses are beneficial for office-related tasks and digital screen use, their design limitations for distance vision render them unsuitable for driving. Prioritising safety means selecting eyewear that provides clear vision at all distances. A consultation with an eye care professional can help identify the most suitable eyewear solution, ensuring both safety behind the wheel and optimal vision at work.


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