Can sports wrap be fitted with prescription lenses?

Prescription Lenses in Sports Wrap Frames: Feasibility and Considerations

For active individuals who require vision correction, the question often arises: Can you put prescription lenses into sports wrap frames? These frames are designed for athletic activities, offering superior protection and a secure fit. Let’s explore the possibilities and considerations of integrating prescription lenses into sports wrap frames.

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1. The Challenge with Wrap Frames

  • Curvature Issue: The pronounced curve of sports wrap frames, designed to fit closely to the face for maximum protection, poses a challenge for prescription lenses. This curvature can distort vision, especially at the edges, when standard prescription lenses are used.

2. Advancements in Lens Technology

  • Customized Solutions: Thanks to advancements in optical technology, many manufacturers now offer sports wrap frames that can accommodate prescription lenses without compromising the wraparound design.
  • Digital Surfacing: This technology allows for the creation of lenses that conform to the frame’s curvature while correcting vision accurately.

3. Prescription Range Limitations

  • Not for All Prescriptions: There may be limitations on the range of prescriptions that can be accommodated in sports wrap frames, particularly for those with high prescriptions or complex vision issues like severe astigmatism.

4. Considerations for Lens Material

  • Impact-Resistant Materials: For sports eyewear, materials like polycarbonate or Trivex are recommended due to their impact resistance, ensuring safety during physical activities.

5. UV Protection and Tint Options

  • Enhanced Eye Protection: Prescription sports lenses can be treated with UV protection and come in various tints suitable for different lighting conditions, enhancing visual clarity and protection.

6. Professional Consultation is Key

  • Expert Fitting: Consulting with an eyewear professional is crucial. They can advise on the feasibility of your prescription in a sports wrap frame and suggest suitable alternatives if necessary.

7. The Cost Factor

  • Potential Additional Cost: Fitting prescription lenses into sports wrap frames can be more expensive due to the specialized lens technology required.


Integrating prescription lenses into sports wrap frames is indeed possible, with certain limitations. It combines the convenience of vision correction with the protective benefits of sports eyewear. By consulting with eyewear professionals and considering the specific requirements of your prescription, you can enjoy clear vision and eye protection during your active pursuits.


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