Can my eyesight get better over time?

Eyesight Evolution: Can Vision Improve Naturally Over Time?

Eyesight is a dynamic aspect of our health, influenced by numerous factors from genetics to lifestyle. Many ponder the intriguing question: Can our eyesight improve on its own over time? Dive into this topic to understand the possibilities and nuances of vision changes.


1. Natural Eyesight Improvements in Childhood

Children, especially during their growth phases, might experience vision changes.

  • Reason: The shape and size of the eye can evolve as a child grows, affecting refractive errors.
  • Solution: Regular eye check-ups are essential to monitor and address any changes timely.

2. Temporary Improvements and Fluctuations

There are instances when eyesight might seem better, but these can be temporary.

  • Reasons: Factors like blood sugar levels, blood pressure, pregnancy, and certain medications can cause vision fluctuations.
  • Solution: Address the underlying cause, and maintain regular eye exams to track changes.

3. Presbyopia and Age

Interestingly, some older adults find they can read up close without reading glasses, a phenomenon called “second sight.”

  • Reason: This is typically due to cataract development, which can temporarily improve near vision.
  • Solution: This “benefit” to your eyesight is short-lived, as cataracts will eventually cloud vision. Monitoring and potential cataract surgery might be necessary.

4. Lifestyle and Eyesight Enhancement

While eyesight improvement isn’t guaranteed, certain lifestyle changes can support eye health.

  • Healthy Diet: Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E might help ward off age-related vision problems.
  • Eye Exercises: Techniques like the “20-20-20 rule” can reduce eye strain, but their long-term benefits on vision are still debated.

5. Eye Conditions and Recovery

Certain eye conditions can improve, either naturally or with treatment.

  • Examples: Some cases of minor eye injuries or specific types of lazy eye (amblyopia) in children can see improvements with eyesight over time or therapy.


While spontaneous improvement of eyesight is rare, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, especially in specific scenarios or stages of life. However, maintaining optimal eye health through preventive care, a healthy lifestyle, and timely interventions remains the gold standard for clear, lasting vision.


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