Can I put prescription lenses in my sunglasses?

You can absolutely have prescription sunglasses, if anything, it’s a must! All the different type of lenses that are available can be tinted though some depending on the lab cutting your lenses, it may only be available in certain indexes (lens thickness). Generally available in 1.5 and 1.67 index some labs are able to now provide 85% tint on the thinnest materials at 1.76.


There are so many options when it comes to tinting, from light fashion tints to colour matching the tint of the original lens from the sunglass you purchase. Whilst some labs offer stock tinted lenses which are cheaper, they tend to lack anti reflective coatings and other optional coatings that not only make you glasses look better, but also effectively takes the reflection of your eyes and lights away. Because the lenses are hand tinted by dipping the lens into a hot bath of specially formulated chemical dye, it generally means that all the coatings will be added after the tinting stage. This means that the lenses are specifically made for you and aren’t off the shelf leading to the price jumping up. But if your script already requires a grind lens or you have mulitfocals, the lens is already being custom made and the only price difference you’re up for is the cost of the tinting.

The only advice we’ll give you in getting prescription sunglasses is if you’re a multifocal/progressive lens user, then get multifocal sunglasses. A lot of people opt to go with single vision as they think they only need sunglasses for the distance, but think about when you’re driving or at a café. You will use the reading component of your lens more than you think and you’ll end up there eventually, so save yourself the hassle and go straight for it.


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