Can I matte finish my shiny frame?

Eyeglass frames come in various finishes. While your choice of finish may depend on your personal style and preferences, you might wonder if it’s possible to change a shiny frame into a matte one. Let’s explore the options available for transforming the finish of your eyeglass frames.


1. Matte Coating:

One way to achieve a the finish on a shiny frame is by applying a matte coating. This coating is designed to alter the surface texture and appearance of the frame. It can give your frame a matte look without altering the frame’s structure or material. Eyewear professionals can apply matte coatings to your frames, and this process is often reversible, allowing you to return to a shiny finish if desired.

2. Sandblasting:

Sandblasting is a technique used to create a matte finish on eyeglass frames. It involves blasting the frame’s surface with tiny abrasive particles, which create a frosted appearance. Sandblasting can effectively convert a shiny frame into a matte one. However, this process may not be reversible, so it’s essential to be sure you want a permanent finish before proceeding.

3. Matte Frame Replacement:

If you’re committed to this finish and your current frames are shiny, you can opt for new frames with the desired finish. Many eyewear brands offer the same styles in both shiny and matte finishes, so you can select a frame that matches your preference.

4. DIY Solutions:

While it’s not recommended to attempt altering the finish of your eyeglass frames yourself, some individuals explore DIY methods such as using matte nail polish or sanding paper. However, these methods can be risky and may lead to frame damage or an uneven finish. It’s generally safer and more effective to seek professional assistance.

5. Consult an Eyewear Professional:

The best approach to changing the finish of your eyeglass frames is to consult an eyewear professional. They can assess your frames and discuss the available options, including coatings or recommending frames with the desired finish.

In conclusion, it is possible to transform a shiny eyeglass frame into a matte finish using methods like matte coatings or sandblasting. However, the reversibility of these processes varies, so it’s important to consider your preferences carefully. Consulting with an eyewear professional is the safest and most reliable way to achieve the desired finish for your eyeglasses. Whether you prefer shiny or matte, there are options available to suit your style and aesthetic preferences.


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