Can contacts with prescription glasses make lenses thinner?

Wearing Contact Lenses with Prescription Glasses for Thinner Lenses: Is It Feasible?

For individuals grappling with high prescription needs, the issue of thick, cumbersome lenses in their spectacles is a familiar concern. This brings us to an intriguing solution: Could the use of contact lenses alongside prescription glasses result in thinner spectacle lenses? This blog delves into this innovative idea, exploring the potential benefits and important factors to consider.


Understanding the Concept Combining Contacts and Lenses

The proposition of combining contact lenses with glasses centres on distributing the corrective requirement across two mediums, potentially enabling the use of glasses with significantly thinner lenses. By correcting a substantial part of the vision correction with contacts, the glasses can then address the remainder with a less intensive prescription. This could be particularly beneficial for those with significant myopia (short-sightedness) or hyperopia (long-sightedness), who seek to lighten the physical burden of their eyewear.

The Advantages

  • Aesthetic Improvement: Thinner lenses can greatly enhance the look of spectacles, offering a more fashionable and comfortable wearing experience.
  • Lighter Weight: Eyewear that is less heavy can improve comfort, especially with reduced pressure on the nose and ears during extended use.
  • Broader Frame Selection: With a reduced necessity for thick lens accommodation, wearers may find they have more freedom in choosing frame styles.

Points to Consider

  • Cost and Practicality: Opting for both contact lenses and glasses means investing in two forms of vision correction, which might increase overall expenses and care requirements.
  • Eye Care Commitment: The use of contacts demands diligent adherence to eye care and hygiene practices to avert infections and ensure comfort.
  • Expert Advice Required: Such a dual approach necessitates thorough planning and consultation with an optometrist to guarantee that both the contacts and glasses are precisely aligned with the wearer’s visual needs and health considerations.

In Summary: A Tailored Choice

Though the strategy of utilising contact lenses in conjunction with prescription glasses for thinner lens benefits presents an attractive option, it’s not universally suitable for everyone. Considering the practical implications, including costs, upkeep, and eye health, is crucial. A consultation with an eye care specialist is essential to receive bespoke advice and confirm that any chosen method effectively meets your vision correction requirements, personal preferences, and lifestyle.

Adopting a dual correction strategy could unlock new possibilities for those desiring the aesthetic and comfort advantages of thinner lenses, without compromising visual quality.


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