Are there specific glasses to only suit certain face shapes?

A misconception that has built over decades, is that only certain frame designs will suit the shape of your face. This restricts people to only trying one style of frame, that ultimately becomes one of the reasons why people treat glasses as an evil necessary, rather than a fashion accessory that enhances everything about you.


First thing, our advice is to try everything on. You don’t know what it will look like until you’ve tried it. One of the most heard phrases in our shop is “I would have never have picked that frame myself”. Mainly because the majority of people will stay with what seems to be safe, but really its just boring. Not necessarily the frame, but the fact that you’ve worn similar frames for the whole time you’ve worn glasses.

People don’t like round rims because they have a round face and they have a point, it can look a little off. But, if you go oversize round on round, it’s a completely different look and usually works. Most wouldn’t make it there themselves and many times, not even guided. So, make sure you try it all, if in the back of your head you’re saying it doesn’t suit, it’s really not that difficult to confirm that by quickly trying them on and checking the mirror.

Glasses have no boundaries and nor should you, though you will be governed somewhat by your script and how big you can go with your lenses, so have that chat with the optician before you go falling in love with a frame that won’t work because of your lenses.


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