Are there specialised glasses for colourblindness?

Colourblindness and Specialised Glasses: A New Perspective on Colour Perception

Colourblindness, a condition that affects the perception of colour, poses significant challenges for those affected. However, advancements in eyewear technology have led to the creation of specialised glasses that enhance colour perception for colourblind individuals. Let’s explore these innovative glasses and their impact.


1. Understanding Colourblindness

  • Varieties and Impacts: Colourblindness, which predominantly affects men, ranges from difficulties distinguishing between red and green to rarer types like blue-yellow colourblindness or total colourblindness.
  • Genetic Causes: Most commonly, colourblindness is inherited, though it can also arise from certain diseases, medications, or ageing.

2. The Functioning of Specialised Glasses

  • Light Filtering: These glasses utilise advanced filtering technologies to improve the distinction between colours. They work by selectively filtering out specific wavelengths of light, aiding colourblind individuals in differentiating between colours they typically find challenging.
  • Adjusting Wavelengths: The glasses adjust the wavelengths entering the eyes, helping correct the imbalance in colour sensitivity responsible for colourblindness.

3. Available Types of Glasses

  • Outdoor Use: Most colourblind specialised glasses are designed for outdoor use, where they’re most effective in bright light.
  • Indoor Models: Newer models for indoor use are emerging, though their effectiveness is generally reduced in lower light.

4. Enhancing Quality of Life

  • Improved Colour Perception: Many users report substantial improvements in seeing and experiencing colours, often describing it as a transformative experience.
  • Not a Cure: It’s important to understand that these glasses don’t cure colourblindness but rather aid in enhancing colour perception.

5. Purchasing Considerations

  • Type of Colourblindness: The effectiveness of these glasses varies based on the type and severity of colourblindness.
  • Cost Implications: These specialised glasses can be quite pricey, so evaluating whether the potential benefits justify the investment is important.


Specialised glasses for colourblindness are a significant technological breakthrough, offering a new dimension of colour experience for those with colour vision deficiencies. While they don’t provide a cure, they can markedly improve life quality by enabling users to perceive colours more vividly and accurately.


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