Are metal optical/sunglass frames strong?

Metal frames are definitely more fragile than solid acetate frames, but the strength of the frame comes down to the type of metal that is used. The most used metals would be stainless steel and titanium, though palladium is used with Ahlem’s metal frames and have proven to be very robust.


Stainless steel is quite common amongst bulk manufactured frames based on its cost. There are different grades of stainless steel and depending on what is used will determine the strength. Out of the metals, it would be the least durable as they are prone to rusting, may cause allergies and may not be as robust as other metals.

Titanium frames will be the strongest. Once again, there are different grades of titanium, so buyer beware. Whilst some brands will promote the fact their frames are titanium, they may have worked with a very low grade to keep costs down and they can be prone to snapping quite easily. A high grade titanium are light, hypoallergenic and extremely strong. They can last many years with really basic care.

Budget is relative to what you’re going to get. If you’re looking at a brand like Leisure Society, you’ll pay a premium, but you’ll get a frame that will last you a lifetime (also backed with a lifetime warranty). Ask as many questions about where the frames are made and try to get a feel for it’s strength, even the thinnest high grade titanium frames will out last a, what feels, sturdy pair of stainless or cheap graded titanium.


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